Real Time Audio Loop Creation Software

What is Ambiloop?
Ambiloop is a Windows software application that uses your sound card to create smoothly overlapping loops of sound in real-time.
How Does it Work?
Ambiloop basically functions like a multi-track endless audio tape loop or digital delay box with feedback. Simply set the desired loop time for a track (or use manual mode to set loop times on-the-fly) and press the record button.  Incoming audio is recorded in real time for the length of the loop. Recording continues seamlessly as the loop repeats and the previously recorded audio begins playing back at a volume set by the feedback control. Or just grab a single loop on the fly with the Insert Record feature. Ambiloop will play up to eight tracks simultaneously. Loops can be slowed to half speed or played backwards and a multimode filter is available for non-destructive, realtime filtering. Loop begin and end points can also be edited non-destructively.  See the features page for more features and information.
How do I get Ambiloop?
You may download and use Ambiloop free of charge. Please note that Ambiloop is copyrighted software and is not in the public domain. See the download page for details.

New! Version 1.73 now available

Now you can stay informed about Ambiloop and find out when the latest version will be released by joining the Ambiloop discussion group!